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Our season typically starts mid-April and runs through to mid-June. We normally harvest, grade and pack 6-7 days a week, starting at 7am and finishing around 5pm, with one hour break throughout the day. However, Asparagus growth is very weather dependent; if it is cold, there may be no work on any given day, if it is hot, working hours can easily exceed those above. Employees are normally assigned to either harvesting or working in the packhouse. Human operated electric buggies are used for harvesting, grading is done by a optical grader and packing is all completed by hand. 

Harvesting takes place outside in ALL weathers and despite the use of electric buggies with canopies, harvesting is very hard work. Grading and packing is done in our packhouse, you will be standing all day. A determined attitude is required to learn the job as quickly as possible and thus rapidly achieve the required work rate while maintaining our very high quality standards.


In summary, neither harvesting or working in the packhouse is easy work but with the right attitude you can be a part of producing our famous Asparagus. Your commitment is required for the whole season. It's up to YOU to show you have got what it takes.

Here is a short film showing some of the processes (please note, this was created before we rebranded to "Jolly Asparagus").

Sorry film currently unavailable

If you are interested in working for us please send your CV and covering letter to or complete the form below.

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