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The Jolly family have been growing asparagus at Roudham Farm in Norfolk for 30 years. Our light sandy soils provide the ideal environment for us to produce the best tasting and highest quality asparagus. 


Our asparagus is hand cut, cooled, graded and packed on farm, meaning we have the freshest asparagus to send to our customers, some of which are the best restaurants in the UK. To find out more about our Jolly Asparagus production and where to buy please see our “process” and “buy” pages.

"Loved meeting all the Jolly family and seeing the asparagus growning out on the fields.

What an operation!


Even better to get it back in the kitchen! Fantastic product, available in various graded boxes, which come loose which I love, something for everyone. Can’t wait for the new season to begin!"

Jesse Dunford Wood


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